Rogers Wireless offers 21Mbps HSPA+ service this August

Andrew Duong July 28, 2009 2


Just today, Rogers announced that they’ll be rolling out the 21Mbps hi-speed HSPA+ service in August. Rogers will be the first company in North America to release this high of a download speed.¬†They state that it will first be released in the Greater Toronto Area and will progressively increase it’s speed to 21Mbps. My guess is that Rogers wants to provide consumers with HSPA+ speeds before going straight towards LTE like most carriers have thought of doing. Here’s what Rob Bruce, President of Rogers Wireless had to say:

“With the exponential growth of smartphones, application stores, mobile Internet sticks and embedded laptops and netbooks, Canadians are embracing wireless data and services like never before. The super-charged data speeds achieved with Rogers’ 21 Mbps upgrade will enable us to support more customers with the most innovative mobile services well into the future, while our customers will experience mobile broadband at speeds like what they experience at home and at work.”


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