Rogers BlackBerry 8220 Pearl-Flip Drops Price

Andrew Duong July 20, 2009 0


With all the hype on Blackberry’s 5.0 messenger and the new released Blackberry Tour. We’d just like to take a few seconds and relax from Blackberry’s… With more Blackberry information!

Rogers Wireless ridiculously droped their price of the 8220 Blackberry pearl-flip from the $149.99 price tag on release day to an amazing $9.99  on a 3 year term! Can you say WOW? So if you’ve been looking for a Blackberry at a low cost price, it’s now your time to shine. Go right ahead and grab this phone for $9.99 while its still available. Rogers Blackberry Pearl 8120 and 8100 are also holding a $9.99 price tag if you still like that clamshell style and don’t want a flip phone.

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