Blackberry Onyx spotted with an Optical Trackpad

Andrew Duong July 12, 2009 1


Most are satisfied with there Blackberry Bold’s, but users like me using the Blackberry 8900 just to get a smaller phone that’s able to fit in our palm are jealous of the 3G that the Blackberry Bold has. Well we haven’t really heard much since Crackberry did that exclusive review (boy, were we jealous) of the Onyx but it seems that people at RIM have actually been working on it. Blackberry Underground’s so called “Smartphone Jedi” snapped a picture of the Blackberry Onyx with a optical trackpad and boy was I happy. No info on release date yet. Rumors are AT&T will be dropping it around Q4 of 2009.

Blackberry Onyx from BBU

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