Exclusive Mini-Review: LG Xenon

Tony Ortiz March 28, 2009 66


We got our hands on LG Xenon today and boy is this thing clean. Hit the jump for more!


To start off, the phone has a resistive touchscreen with slide out QWERTY keyboard for typing. It’s packing a 2 Megapixel camera with dedicated camera button.


The software running on the phone seemed very similar to Samsung’s Touch Wiz OS. It has a widgets box where you can drag and drop different items on to the desktop. We found this to be kind of hard to use due to the fact that the widgets were so large and the desktop was so small. The “note” widget took up a huge chunk of the screen. The phone was running on early firmware so this may change later when production models hit. The widgets had your basic items such as a calendar, photos, analog clock/alarm, notepad etc.


Huge shout out to LG for creating an amazing keyboard. The feel of the keyboard was very similar to the Sidekick 2 (rubbery) and the travel between the buttons was excellent. You can feel the click with every press without the buttons being too stubborn.

Camera quality was decent. We did take a photo and the phone locked up while saving the picture requiring a battery pull. Again, early software so this is obviously a small bug they will fix.

Speaker was loud and easy to hear.


The build quality was great. The phone was very light and very pocket-able while maintaining a high quality feel to it.

The address book of the phone has been improved compared to the software on the LG Vu. The scrolling direction while going through the names is now similar to that of the G1 and iPhone. There is a dedicated button in the address menu for browsing via first letter.

All in all we were very pleased with the phone. We were told it will hit AT&T very soon at a $100 price point after $50 mail in rebate. It will drop in 3 colors including black and red.

Glad to see LG step it up with this model. Looking forward to it! The LG Xenon is a great phone but There are many other options currently available on the market. Make the right choice when it comes to cell phones by reviewing the specs and deals offered.


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