iPhone OS 3.0 brings tons of new features

Justin Cauchon March 17, 2009 0


iPhone hosted its OS 3.0 event today in California and announced tons of new features for the iPhone. Since the beginning iPhone users have asked for copy and paste, MMS, and a few other features that even basic phones had. Well today announced tons of features today that will make iPhone users happy for the time being. Check out all the features after the jump.

  • iPhone users will now be able to recieve and sent MMS messages (not for 2G iPhones).
  • Copy and paste is now available for customers. You double tap to select the text and you can cut, copy, or paste text even between different applications.
  • Landscape keyboard mode for all key applications, like mail, SMS, and notes.
  • A search function to search for things through all applications.
  • There will be an application for voice memos.
  • You can now forward and delete multiple text messages at once.
  • Ustereo bluetooth to listen to their music.
  • You can send more than one image through email at once.
  • Push notifications for applications
  • Subscriptions for applications (like magazines, etc.)
  • A store within apps so you can buy things within apps

This update will be available to all iPhone users for free, iPod Touch users will need to pay $9.95.

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