HTC Whitestone Possibly headed to Verizon?

Tony Ortiz March 15, 2009 0


An HTC phone with the model number XV6175 has been mentioned at the GSM Global Certification Forums. The phone is shown having quad band GSM radio meaning this phone would be a “world phone” if it landed on Verizon.

In the past Verizon has always named it’s smartphones with the XV prefix (example: XV 6900). This is all still a rumor but looking at the picture, the device looks pretty clean.

Another note on the picture; you can see a pull out stand for tabletop viewing. Possibly for Verizon’s V CAST Mobile TV service? Verizon hasn’t made a hard push for it’s mobile TV service recently so it will be interesting to see if they choose to use this as a device compatible with that service.

Via WMExperts, via PocketNow

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