Motorola Blaze for Verizon

Justin Cauchon June 29, 2008 0

The touch screen phone competition continues. It seems Motorola is working on another phone and it will be a Verizon exclusive. It has a customer OS that is made for Verizon because every Verizon phone has to be crippled. The features include 2 megapixel camera, EV-DO Rev. A support, GPS, Bluetooth, MobileTV and of course the basic features. 

The Boy Genius got his hands on one and did a quick review. He said the browser is “ok, and that’s being super nice.” He also talks about texting and typing emails on it and says it is “land, hard to use, and frustrating. Additionally, the phone has Haptic feedback but you have to press the darn touch screen so hard you feel like you’re going to break it.”



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