Choosing a Phone to Fit Your Needs

Justin Cauchon April 28, 2008 1

Cellular phones are becoming more widely used than ever before. In 2005, 2.4 billion people had cellular phones. Now in 2008, there are more cellular phone users than there has ever been in the past. The rising number of users created a movement in which many large companies began to create the newest and latest cellular phone. There is now a wide array cellular phones for customers to choose from. Companies have made cellular phones that slide, that flip, and that have full keyboards. The large amount of cellular phones currently available leaves many customers wondering which phone will fit their specific needs best.

Customers who have very basic needs for a cellular phone would buy a phone that is basic. The customer who is looking for a basic phone will not use most of the features many cellular phones come with, therefore there is no need to pay extra for the features. A phone with basic features will likely be free with a two-year contract. Most customers looking for a basic phone will not use the camera feature. The camera is built-in on many cellular phones to give customers the chance to send picture messages to their friends and family. A customer looking for a basic phone will also not have a need for the music player built into many multimedia phones. Customers who will be attracted to these types of phones will be those who are looking for a phone to simply make phone calls and nothing more. The customer looking for a basic phone is usually older than forty or fifty. Every major cellular phone carrier has basic phones available.

Many cellular phone customers prefer phones that will do more than a basic phone. Multimedia phones have features for customers looking for the full media experience. A multimedia phone will usually have a music player in the phone. The music player will allow users to take music from their computer and put it on the phone. For many customers, the multimedia phone will be used in place of an MP3 player or iPod. A multimedia phone will also have a camera that allows the user to take pictures and send them through a picture message to another phone. The camera is a great feature for sending pictures to family members or to friends. A multimedia cellular phone appeals to anyone who wants the capability to take a send a picture anytime or a customer who wants to listen to music. Multimedia phones usually range in price from twenty to one hundred and twenty dollars with a two-year contract

The amount of text messaging has started rising among teenagers and college students; this gave developers the idea of making cellular phones that have a full keyboard. A text messaging cellular phone has a keyboard that will appear when the phone is opened. The phone has a complete keyboard with the letters set up like a computer keyboard for easy typing. The keyboard is typically used for text messaging to friends and family. The phone usually has the capability to go on AOL Instant Messenger, which allows customers to talk to their friends. A phone with a full keyboard will also usually have a very basic web browser. The web browser will usually not be able to view complex web pages, but can view very basic text sites. Cellular phones with a full keyboard range in price from eighty to one hundred and fifty dollars with a two-year contract.

Many customers are looking for phones that will do almost everything a computer will do; these customers look at smart phones. A smart phone will have e-mail capabilities that will automatically forward all e-mails to the phone. This capability is very useful for business users who need to answer e-mails immediately. A smart phone will also have an Internet browser integrated in the phone. The Internet browser will allow customers to go to important web sites at any place and time. A smart phone requires an additional data plan to use the features. This data plan will cost anywhere from fifteen to forty-five dollars a month. Smart phones usually run Windows Mobile or Palm operating system which gives the customer the full experience of a hand held computer. The prices of a smart phone range from one hundred to six hundred dollars with a two-year contract.
There are cellular phones to fit every need. A customer can choose which cellular phone fits them best by looking at what features they need. If a user only wants to make phone calls, then they would be linked with a basic phone. Customers that want the phone to do more than just make phone calls would match their wants with the phone they like. The categories that can be chosen are basic phones, multimedia phones, text phones, and smart phones. Cellular phone developers are busy making new designs and features that will attract new customers to buy the phones. Every cellular phone carrier has different phones to fit customers specific needs.

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