Scheduled Blackberry Outage

Justin Cauchon March 20, 2008 0

Research In Motion has informed its consumers that there will be a service outage this Saturday from 2:00 am to 6:00 am. This comes after numerous unannounced outages in the past year. RIM says,
Description: Database upgrade for all North American subscribers in the following locations: The Americas

Change Window Start Date and Time: 03/22/08 06:00:00 (GMT) Change Window End Date and Time: 03/22/08 10:00:00 (GMT) Downtime Duration: 4 hour(s) and 0 minute(s)

Impact: BlackBerry subscribers may be unable to send or receive messages during the maintenance.

Subscribers may also be unable to register their device, roam in another location, or use other services such as Internet browsing.

BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers may be unable to use the BlackBerry Internet Service web site or perform activities such as creating new accounts, accessing their Internet mailbox, integrating third-party email accounts, or viewing email attachments during the maintenance.

BlackBerry Enterprise Servers may be unable to connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure during the maintenance.

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