Refurbished iPhone to Be Available at AT&T Stores

Justin Cauchon February 29, 2008 0

According to The Boy Genius, AT&T will be offering refurbished 4GB and 8GB iPhone at some of their stores. The 4GB (which they don’t make new anymore) will be $199. The 8GB will be $249. The catch is that they will only be available to new customers, unless a manager approves it for an upgrade. Check out this letter from AT&T to their stores:
March 1, 2008
Refurbished iPhones at COR Stores. For a limited time, select COR stores in the New England Market will offer refurbished iPhones (both 4GB and 8GB) for a special price. These devices are good as new and give customers the opportunity to experience the revolutionary iPhone with big savings. New activations only, upgrades with Manager approval. Refurbished iPhones will only be available to purchase in select COR stores across the Northeast Region and will be available while supplies last. Please reach out to customers that have recently purchased an iPhone to see if they are interested in activating an additional iPhone at a discounted equipment cost. Please note no in-store sales materials should be created. This is to be sold as a closing tool only. Product is available while supplies last from initial shipment. Failure to follow this communication will result in a Code of Business Conduct violation

Source: The Boy Genius Report

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